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At First Priority Screening our team of experts will provide you with a background screening solution specifically tailored to meet your needs. If you are an employer wanting to screen job applicants, a landlord wanting to screen prospective tenan

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  • When you call us you can expect to be greeted by an actual person. We don’t use elaborate message systems or have lengthy holding patterns. In the unlikely event you reach our voice mail you will receive a prompt response via phone or email - your choice.
  • Your account will be managed by a single expert from our team. This ensures that whenever you have a question or whenever a new need arises, you can talk with someone that knows your business and can remember your last conversation.
  • We will not sell you services you don’t need. Our team considers every new client consultation as the beginning of a long-term relationship, so why would we jeopardize that by trying to up-sell you or talk you into services that don’t make sense for you? Our experts will explain all of your options, make a recommendation based on their experience and your specific needs, and then it’s up to you. No pressure, no sales tactics.
  • Our products and policies are in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and all other local and federal regulations, so that’s just one less thing you have to be concerned about. In fact, our experts can help you design a background screening strategy from scratch or perhaps even improve upon your existing procedures.
  • No volume is too large or too small. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company ordering thousands of searches a month or a local Mom-and-Pop store ordering a few searches a year, we can meet your requirements and provide you with the exceptional service you deserve.


  • Search results are only as good as the records they are based on, and you deserve to have confidence in your final reports. That is why we only collect information from proven databases and we only employ experienced researchers.

  • When you order a search you can anticipate receiving a completed report in only 48 hours (on average). Some requests we are able to complete almost immediately, while others, like reference interviews, take longer.

  • Our reports are clear, concise, and easy to understand. You won’t need legal training or a secret decoder ring to decipher your screening results. However, if you do have questions, your Account Manager is always there to help.

  • We make every effort to keep our prices competitive while still utilizing the highest quality and most reliable information. We are sure you will agree that our pricing coupled with our level of service is quite a bargain.

  • Our convenient, user-friendly web-based ordering system puts you in control. Through our proprietary technology, you can order new reports, check the status of pending reports, and access previously ordered reports as often as you want, whenever you want. While our web-based interface is the most efficient way to order searches, we will also process orders received via fax or email.