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At First Priority Screening our team of experts will provide you with a background screening solution specifically tailored to meet your needs. If you are an employer wanting to screen job applicants, a landlord wanting to screen prospective tenan

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Thank you for your interest in First Priority Screening. Prior to signing up there are a few things you need to know so you can easily navigate through the sign-up processes.

First Priority Screening offers three different types of accounts that you can setup.
  • Pay-As-You-Go: This account type will allow you to pay for your searches as you order them via a major credit card..
  • Escrow: This is a prepayment system. You deposit a minimum of $100.00 in to an escrow account. As you order searches, the cost of those searches are deducted from your escrow account. Companies ordering using the escrow may qualify for discounted pricing
  • Credit Account: Credit accounts are billable daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly. Your company must receive credit approval before this type of account can be set-up. Credit Accounts are most commonly used for customers consistantly ordering background check services.

If you desire to run reports that require a legal permissible purpose such as Driving History or Credit Reports we will do a verification on your business to be sure that you meet the legal requirements outlined by the Federal Government. For your protection and the protection of your applicants not all users of our system are allowed to run such sensative reports. Access to credit reports may require an on-site inspection prior to being allowed access to order them. THis is a requirement layed out by the Credit Bureaus.

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